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(free) 01:46


photo credit: Jackie Romo


released December 18, 2016

tracks recorded by Rafael Ezequiel Lozano



all rights reserved


GAFF Austin, Texas

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Track Name: Pot Cross
Confusion dismantles the hope that someday we can bring old vision to eyes that know not the joy. Our tears can bring destruction, so imminent,

they lost more than a store
to pushing and taking and always wanting more.

How can you say that you believe in need when all that you want is in front of you.

Ask and you shall receive, take and you will be free
from the pain of empathy.

You're free
Track Name: At Least Twice
Tell me something I don't know.
"Steal what you can, burn the rest." Only works when you're far ahead of the curve.
That won't stop you from falling behind the times
as you try to hold onto a memory.

You're so right to tell me I needed this,
which leads me to believe you were right
to tell me I've been so wrapped up in myself,
my need to make this work.

You're so right to tell me I need this to believe.
Track Name: swoon
So many years spent
wasted and searching for
some semblance of meaning,
lost in the midst of a
cold, barren wasteland
that we created with our own unchecked
ego and apathy.

Opportunity doesn't knock, it demands
competition as a means to our end.
I refuse to compete with my friends

Friends until the end
can we just pretend
When will this all end?
Can we make amends?

I refuse to play these games you play
I will do what I think is right
even if I lose.